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Litho Print

Litho printing is based on the simple principle that water and ink don’t mix. There is something quite special about preserving old printing techniques. However, modern equipment is very different and the process is now much more efficient. At JR Print, we use industry benchmark Heidelberg equipment throughout our press-room.

The main benefit of litho printing is that unlike digital printing where the price is fixed, the cost per print actually reduces as the print run increases. If your order is large or possibly repeatable, this type of printing can be much more cost effective. In fact, repeat jobs are even easier when you choose JR Print. Just tell us what you need re-printing and we can find your original design and reprint it no problem.

In addition, here are a few more benefits of litho printing:

  • We print from one Pantone colour right through to full (four colour) work. This means we can accurately reproduce Pantone-specific colours in your design, regardless of what it looks like on screen.
  • You are able to print on a wider range of materials – from envelopes and standard letterhead paper right up to heavy weight board (presentation folders etc.)
  • Our machines use the latest technology including chemistry free metal printing plates. These are produced on our in-house Computer-to-Plate system that is fully calibrated for our presses. This ‘no chemistry’ approach means you don’t have to worry about wastage and land-fill.