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'proofread' - To find and correct mistakes in copies of printed text before the final copies are printed (Cambridge Dictionary) 
Whether you've employed a designer or print company to create your artwork or you've designed it yourself, it is vitally important you check, check and check again the copy you intend to use. 
Mistakes in copy are relatively common and, if missed, can make you look unprofessional and be a costly mistake. A spelling error on the screen is one thing, but a spelling error on a banner is a large mistake!! 
Tips for proofreading your copy: 
Don't proof the text just after creating - it is always best to come back with fresh eyes 
Always print a copy on to paper and check it, firstly it is easier to read than on a screen, also you can annotate and highlight any changes more easily 
Proofread for one type of error at a time 
Read it more than once in case you passed over a mistake the first time 
Read it out loud - the tone is different on paper compared with when spoken 
Check every contact detail thoroughly, particularly phone numbers and email addresses; you'd be surprised how many wrong phone numbers or emails we see in text! 
Consider if the text achieves your objective - is it in-line with the company branding and will it ensure the required outcome? 
Have a final read of the document backwards* - bizarre as it sounds, if you read it forward your brain can fill in a missing letter or miss a duplicate word - if you've seen the famous social media post where the letters in words are all jumbled up but you can still read it, you'll know how easy it is to miss an error! If you read it backwards the error is more obvious!! (*handy hint from an English Teacher) 
Get someone else to read it too, if possible 
JR Print Proofing Procedure 
At JR Print we have a strict internal proofing process; the designer who created the document and at least one other team member will check against any text and/or requirements you provided. (It is worth bearing mind that if an email address or phone number is incorrect, we will not have the means to know this as we will only have your text to go on, so you will need to ensure this is correct.) 
Your proof will then be sent to you for checking. If you are happy that everything is correct we will print after receiving an email confirmation from you, or alternatively we will amend any corrections or requirements and resend a proof to you usually a PDF. 

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