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Canva is a fantastic tool for creating anything from invites to CVs to be printed, as well as for online content. It offers a wide range of file formats to download to best suit your requirements. We are finding more and more customers supplying content from Canva to produce prints from, especially invites, cards and Orders of Service. 
As printers, in order to produce your artwork to its highest specification, we require a file that is 'print-ready' file. For more information on what we mean by 'print-ready' refer to our blog post Why do Printers ask for crop marks and bleed? 
So how do you provide the file in this format from Canva? 
When you come to download the file follow these steps to ensure a happy printer! 
Choose 'Share' in the top right hand corner 
Click 'Download'  
Choose the file type 'PDF Print' 
Check the 'Crop marks and bleed' and 'Flatten PDF' boxes 
Click 'Download' 
Save as usual and then forward on in an email to you printers. 
Tips for producing your artwork on Canva for print: 
Choose a template base that most suits your requirements so that you choose the right orientation and sizing for printing. Along the top bar there is a heading called print products which is a great starting point. If you are creating an A4 poster or document, ensure you choose a template that reflects this so that the file scales correctly for print. 
Once you've chosen your template base, see if there's a template style that you can start with and adapt to your branding or style choice - even if you choose a template, Canva allows you to change the colours and elements to suit, so that you can personalise to your colour choices etc. 
Ensure that the text and any important images have space to breathe - don't put them too close to the edge of the document. Not only does it make the document look cluttered and overcrowded, it also runs the risk of being caught in the trimming on the guillotine. 
Don't use too many fonts - this can look messy and your message will be lost. 
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